Hiring the right general contractor is important. A poor decision here could make the whole project a gigantic headache, or worse. Follow these tips on hiring a general contractor.

Know What You Want
Try your best not to be a problem client because they are bound to be disappointed. Problem clients are constantly changing their minds about what they want and then get shocked by the bill.

Know exactly what you want in your construction project. General contractors will find it easier to deal with you. This will make your project scope and estimate more accurate.

Get a Referral from Family and Friends
Sometimes, this is the best way to find a general contractor. Someone in your social circle might have contact or have some personal experience with one. Remember to still vet their recommendation, though.

Proper Process
Think of it as hiring an employee. Talk to several general contractors and get a written bid from each of them. You might want to ask for a testimonial from former customers. This way, you get a feel of their quality and how they work.

Make sure that your contractor has previous experience working on similar jobs. If you’re looking to do a gut remodel of your entire house, don’t hire someone who just does kitchen work.

Paperwork Check
You should check up on the contractor. Make sure they are properly licensed and have the necessary insurance. Get copies of the paperwork.

Check local disciplinary boards to see what issues have come up in the past. If there are a lot of problems, it might make sense to hire someone else.

Make Contract
You can use a template or hire a lawyer. Make it as specific as possible and use plenty of deadlines. Specify the payment process. Detail any use of subcontractors and materials used.

If something goes wrong, it’s often only the contract that will protect you. It pays to take the time and write a good one.

Acquire Permits
Most construction projects require a permit. A general contractor should be knowledgeable about acquiring the local municipal building paperwork. It’s a red flag if he says you should get the permit or says none is needed.

Communicate is Key
Some people like to get progress updates every day. Remember, you’re paying them. If you have a few questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Hiring the right general contractor is important. Follow these tips so that the job gets completed correctly.