Real estate investors will find varying levels of success, depending on how they operate their business. Different investors can use a variety of methods to achieve success. However, there are a few fundamental traits that a significant number of investors cultivate and follow, which often lead to better returns. Key characteristics such as discipline and strong fundamentals are vital components, especially for long-term investments.

The first step of being a successful investor is understanding the key attributes to success. Below are three characteristics that can play a role in investors’ success both in real estate and other realms. 

Understanding Your Financial Goals

Investors should always understand what they want financially. Failing to understand your goals could lead you to make decisions that do not benefit you financially. For example, hastily-repaired units may be a quick fix that allows you to continue collecting rent on a regular basis. However, if the fix is merely hiding a larger problem, you could be required to pay a large sum for a major repair in the future, as well as refunding rent collected while a tenant was living in an unsafe environment. Some real estate investors think the cheapest option is the best one, as it saves money in the short-term, but this is not always the case.


Patience may seem like a simple trait, but few real estate investors will practice it fully. Think about how you feel when you have a vacant unit. You probably feel stressed due to a lack of income. Yet, consider the potential headaches that can come from a bad tenant. Rather than quickly filling the unit with the first person who comes along, try to be patient until you find someone who will only benefit you.

In addition, renovations can take an extensive amount of time to complete. Although it may seem like the time isn’t worth the return, if you can take a run-down building and make it stand out in your neighborhood, you are likely to make a significantly larger profit.

Perhaps most importantly, waiting for the “right” deal is of utmost importance. You will vet many opportunities over the course of an investing career. Having the ability to say no to most while waiting for only the best ones to present themselves is a valuable skill indeed. 

Understanding The Market History

Having a grasp of the market history can help the investor to weigh and contextualize a property’s value, as well as the demand of renters. No market is completely predictable, and much of the information is dependent upon the property itself. However, knowing the market history in your area can inform you about trends you can expect in the near future.

Understanding these traits can help you to become a great real estate investor. It may seem difficult, but with some perseverance, you can master these skills and improve your business.