Renovating a home is no easy feat, but today’s advances in technology have made the process significantly more owner-friendly. There are tons of apps out there that can benefit homeowners in their quest to renovate their house. Here are a few outstanding apps (available on both Android and iOS) that can help in planning, designing, and executing a home renovation project.

Planning Apps

Home Design 3D

Many homeowners want to envision what their home will look like after a renovation before committing to a major change. After all, an ugly wall color, too-large furniture, or an incohesive theme can transform a decent room into an eyesore. Home Design 3D allows you to see what your room will look like, which can be beneficial to any homeowner. In fact, you can also save designs for future reference, allowing you to iterate on the same room and compare the outcomes.

Roomscan Pro

Roomscan Pro allows builders to create floor plans by scanning floors using your phone’s camera or touching the device to each wall. You can even use photos of a room to create a floor plan. This can help you when making large-scale changes to a home, such as adding an additional room or completely changing the layout of an area. You can also save the dimensions of each room, which can help when purchasing renovation materials or furniture.

Apps for Space Designs

Paint Tester

Paint Tester is a simple app. It allows homeowners to test out many shades of paint on a room before purchasing. Users will no longer have to rely on color swatches to do the job.


Houzz allows access to millions of high-resolution designs and unique features such as View in My Room 3D. With this app, homeowners can try out over 1 million designs in the exterior and interior of their home. Homeowners can also shop for building materials and hire renovation experts on the platform.


Pinterest has gained a massive user base from DIY and interior design experts and enthusiasts. You can find pins for just about any theme, trend, style, or even color palette. Pinterest is also primarily a social media site, which makes it easy to share pins you like with others. This is a great way for couples to collaborate on renovation inspirations.

Apps for Expert Assistance

Angie’s List

Angie’s List is a well-known site that connects homeowners with renovation experts in their areas. This app is one of the easiest ways to compare quotes from contractors, as well as read their reviews.

Renovations may be time-consuming and stressful, but these apps can take away some of the frustrations a homeowner may encounter.