Buyers look for many things in a potential new home. Sellers and real estate professionals want their homes to be most appealing during open houses and private showings. Decorating the home will help encourage potential buyers to picture themselves living there. Here are some popular staging techniques that get the best results.

Less is More

When it comes to house staging, less really is more appealing for customers. Removing furniture allows potential buyers to imagine their own pieces in the home. It also allows them to redecorate in hundreds of different ways in their imagination. Removing personal effects such as family photographs, calendars, and small knick knacks help the space look clean, open, and clutter-free. Empty spaces feel larger than they are, which may create an illusion of square footage.

Pay Attention to Details

The existing homeowner often overlooks common blemishes. Small blemishes such as nail holes from moving a picture should be filled in before an open house. Likewise, spruce up trim, crown molding, and door hinges as these areas do not get regular attention throughout the year. Caulking around sinks, showers, and bathtubs should be clean and even. Dark, moldy spots create many questions for detail-oriented buyers.

General cleaning routines are mandatory before an open house. Proper staging requires a more thorough effort. Dusty corners, cobwebs, and soiled carpet must be attended before a home can be properly staged. Very few features show off the benefits of home-like natural lighting. All windows and skylights must be crystal clear and streak-free.

Remember Curb Appeal

Buyers begin to evaluate a home upon their first vision. From the driveway to the front door and from the back door to the fence line, a home’s exterior should be pristine. Lawns should be well maintained, with limited but neat shrubbery or plant life. Siding must be clean and secure in all areas. Rain spouts and gutters should have no visible debris or loose areas. Fencing, gates, and doors should be secure. Many homeowners drive through neighborhoods at night, so adding a security light could enhance the appeal.