For many of us the best part about flipping properties is the rush of doing everything ourselves. There’s a pretty good chance that if you are stepping into the world of house flipping you’ve probably already read some books authored by the experts and spent countless hours binge watching TV shows that show the hosts shopping for the house, doing the construction work themselves, and selling the property on their own. Unless you are a trained professional in not only real estate but construction work as well, there are probably some home improvement jobs that you should hire a professional contractor to do. Here’s a quick look at a few of those.


One of the most common home improvement repairs that house flippers run into is the need to replace an existing roof. Depending on the age of the home you’re buying, you may need to replace a damaged roof or the occupied homes in the neighborhood have a more modern style roof and you don’t want to sacrifice curb appeal. Whatever your motivation is for replacing a roof, you should plan on hiring a professional for this part of your flip. Not only is roofing material incredibly heavy and difficult to move but installing a new roof is not something one person can do on their own. While a contractor will cost you, it’s vital that you bring in someone who knows how to properly put the new roof on to avoid future problems. Don’t try this one on your own.


Just below that professionally installed roof you should consider some professionally installed gutters. Since most gutters only come in 10 foot sections you’ll probably have to cut, splice and slide some pieces together unless your house is perfectly measured out to be divisible by 10. The gutters will have to be riveted together and all of that is before they’re actually attached to the home. For your own sanity and safety it’s a great idea to contract out gutter installation.


Hanging drywall is not only a dusty and difficult job, it’s truly an art form to mud, sand, and blend the separate pieces together to make it appear to be one wall. Doing a good job with drywall only comes with experience so this is definitely not the task to try to save money on. Don’t be afraid to bring in a professional to make sure the inside of your flip house looks as good as the outside.

Some home improvement jobs produce more profit than others. It’s important that you know which ones matter most and hire them out accordingly.