Buying your first home is an exciting time, but that excitement may cause you to overlook some very important things. While you know the basics about the price of the home and what it looks like, there are some problems that may be lurking beneath the surface that should also be paid attention to.

Know the neighborhood

When it comes to the home you’re living in, location is everything. You want to be located near your job and modern conveniences. There are also some things you may want to think twice about being located near.

One of those is a school. There are problems that can arise from living near a school, including bus traffic and excess noise during recess.

Check out the crime rate

No one wants to live in a neighborhood that has a high crime rate. Not only is it a potential danger to you and your family, but it also can make selling the home in the future a challenge.

Before buying a home, have an insurance quote done that will check the crime rate as well as other important things like whether or not the home is located within a flood zone.

Watch out for short-term rentals nearby

You can change anything about a house- except the neighbors. Proceed with caution if you’re looking at a home near a short-term rental property.

Short-term rentals have people moving in and out frequently which means you never know who’s living right next door. While there’s nothing wrong with short-term rental properties, if you have young children or live alone, you should take this into consideration.

Pay attention to the bones of the home

Anyone can make a home look fancy with a fresh coat of paint and fancy new appliances. What’s important though, is the bones of a home. A home inspection can give you insight as to how good the foundation, roof, HVAC system, and more is performing.

Not getting lured into the glitz and glamour of a home can save you headaches down the road. Keep these tips in mind before purchasing a home and you’ll likely end up making a wise purchase with good resale value.