Real estate investments have transitioned with technological tools that make marketing, screening, and networking much more manageable. Most real estate clients are looking for properties on online platforms; thus, realtors must ensure they are tech-savvy. Several tools are available depending on the need of the realtor. These are just a few tools that offer plenty of utility:

Rental Property Calculator

When investing in real estate, the main objective is finding a valuable property, either to live in or for resale. The rental property calculator is a useful real estate tool for calculating a particular property’s income and expense to determine the profit margin. A good return on investment is a critical determinant in calculating profitability.

Tenant Screening Tools

The property’s security and safety being sold by the investors and realtors heavily rely on the tenants’ reputations. The use of screening tools helps investors to only deal with best-fit clients. 

Good Real Estate Investment Network

Good real estate investing involves building networks in different real estate phases from construction, repairs, purchases, marketing, clients, and investors. Networking tools such as Aweber that offer investors email marketing templates and automation are essential components of real estate. The networking tools allow investors to manage their contacts while generating and managing new leads effectively.

Rehab Valuators

Real estate involves different players who are instrumental in getting the finished product. Builders and individuals interested in the properties’ rehabilitation process can use this tool to get offer prices and estimations. Rehab valuators are must-have tools that allow investors to conduct estimates, make budget projections, and manage different costs.


This tool offers investors the ability to generate and sort through various business leads. FreedomVoice offers a phone system that is internet-based with the ease of setting up and managing. Investors can provide details of their properties quickly and conveniently through this tool.


The real estate industry heavily relies on the use of videos, images, and large files. Dropbox allows the investor to save and share these materials with prospective clients. This tool offers up to 2 GB of free storage with integration capabilities on their phones.