Every landlord hopes to rent homes, apartments and other dwellings to the right people. However, this process is not always as easy as it might seem. When searching for prospective tenants, landlords are encouraged to choose individuals who display the following positive traits:

The Ability To Pay Rent

Arguably, financial capability is the most important sign of a good tenant. Tenants not gainfully employed or on solid financial ground could cause serious financial issues for the landlord, which might eventually proceed to costly and time-consuming eviction proceedings. 

Good Credit Score

Good credit is an important indicator of the prospective tenants financial acumen as well as their organization and willingness to repay money they owe. Unfortunately, some people (even if they have money) have a history of skipping out on rent, not repaying credit card or auto debt, or worse. Tread carefully when considering a tenant with this type of background.

Upstanding Citizenry

Not every person is a saint. However, it is not unfair or unreasonable for a landlord to expect the tenants they rent to demonstrate some semblance of upstanding citizenry. Individuals involved with shady dealings or those with a history of criminal activity have the potential to place the well-being of the landlord or other tenants in peril. Ergo, persons with unsavory histories may not make the best tenants. 

Effective Communication Skills

There will be occasions when the landlord will need to get in contact with the landlord. A reputable tenant will be someone who the landlord can effectively communicate with and respond to contacts when the need arises.

Personable And Respectful 

Landlords and tenants do not have to be best friends. However, prospective tenants who display rudeness or are inconsiderate should raise red flags. Such tendencies could be a harbinger of other negative issues that might cause the landlord or other tenants untoward problems. Ergo, potential renters should demonstrate basic personal skills.

Be Drama Free

Many people seem to be drama drawers. Wherever they go, their lives seem to be complicated or they just seem to attract trouble. Prospective tenants who have been in out of several jobs, seem to have many difficult or unhappy relationships or display a contentious attitude have the potential to spread their personal drama beyond their doors.