Mixed-use developments are on the rise and becoming a significant trend internationally. Experts in the real estate industry estimate that the demand for mixed-use developments is expected to further increase in the coming years. 

The growing trend is partly fueled by increased demand for a balance between city life and comfortable home living. The versatility of living in mixed-use developments pushes more people to prefer this type of balanced life. Fortunately, regulators in the real estate industry are responding positively by creating favorable residential development zoning policies. In addition, the financial capital resources available for funding mixed-use development projects have also incentivized the expanded growth of this type of real estate property.

One of the critical reasons why mixed-use development properties are on the rise is the expanded sense of community living in such properties. Analysts perceive that the sense of living in a community-type of development is perhaps the most reasonable driver of the demand for mixed-use properties

Mixed-use development properties are also believed to be highly sustainable properties. Sustainability comes from the right balance of ecological living conditions where everything is well controlled. Sustainability is enhanced because mixed-use development properties encourage the fair use of environmental and non-environmental resources, such as waste control. Studies indicate that sustainable mixed-use properties give tenants a boosted sense of accomplishment, mainly since they contribute to environmental conservation.

The increased demand for residential and commercial properties in and around major cities is also why mixed-use properties are becoming more popular. The need for favorable retail spaces, coupled with the demand for residential properties, has caused developers to harness this potential to accurately develop real estate properties that strike a balance. By maintaining such a balance, developers have appealed to an increasing population of potential tenants. Tenants living in such properties benefit from a wide range of other incentives, such as the ready presence of social and economic amenities.